About Jean d'Aveze, Paris Skin Care

We are proud to introduce Jean d'Aveze Paris, a high quality and advanced technology line of skincare products from the renowned manufacturers, Jean d'Aveze Paris in France. This trusted and well-known high-end JDA brand-name has been available in Europe for over 58 years and is distributed world-wide in over 50 countries.

Jean d'Aveze Paris has an established reputation for Jouvence Cream, a topical cream of choice for acne and scars, stretch marks, aging skin and other skin imperfections. Jouvence Cream was first created in 1953 by the doctor in Bio-Chemistry, Alice Darot who discovered the exceptional rejuvenating properties of Calophytherapy. The same active ingredient was first used in health establishments in Paris, France for helping with skin conditions because of its beneficial regenerating and other properties.

Due to its past remarkable effects on scars, marks and other skin problems, Jouvence Cream has been the cream of choice for a great number of young women who experienced acne scars and skin blemishes. Adult women affected by scars, pregnancy stretch marks, sun damage, wrinkles, aging skin and other skin imperfections have specially benefited as well from Jouvence Cream.

Based on experience acquired over the last 50 years , Jean d'Aveze Paris products have been developed into the most advanced skin care solution available to associate hydroxy acids, potent antioxidants, powerful vitamins, natural botanicals and strong enzymes, including a natural substance called Resveratrol, a bioflavonoid with anti-oxidant effects 50 times more powerful than Vitamins C and E. Resveratrol can be found in B. by JDA, an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging Jean d�Aveze Paris skin care product.

The extraordinary benefits of Resveratrol, to control aging in human and extending a healthy life, have been extensively and independently researched and reported by 2 major US TV news networks: ABC News on July 17th, 2007 “Uncorking the Secret to a Healthy Life” and CBS News on Nov. 11, 2007 “Could We Live Forever? Or Even Come Closer? Recently on April 10th, 2008, in a CNN TV news segment on Health Care "Stay Young Longer", Resveratrol has also been reported as a natural substance that has the ability to increase longevity and reserve aging.”

Jean d'Aveze Paris is also the unique skincare manufacturer that offers the proprietary Botanical "B. by JDA" "B. by JDA" is the cosmeceutical solution that provides the potent thermal effects to level-out the skin surface and to tighten the facial muscles, without the side effects of toxin injection and cosmetic surgery. The botanical extracts in this cream have the tensioning properties with the immediate effects of stimulating the epidermis and inhibiting the facial muscles from burrowing movements to create unwanted creases and wrinkles. This effective "B. by JDA" cream is Jean d'Aveze Paris's natural cosmetic solution for diminishing the wrinkles and the signs of aging without leaving the leaden look of toxin injection.

Jean d'Aveze Paris offers a reliable, tested and proven line of products from the well-known country of origin, France. Jean d'Aveze Paris also offers the confidence of a reputable brand name, a first-class skincare technology supported by over 58 years of experience, that you can trust on the effective results and the superior quality of its products.

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