"…Jouvence Cream has
been shown to greatly
improve scars and stretch
marks. It is an effective
product that aids the
cicatrization and
blemished skin…."

Dr. Thomas H., MD, TN

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Intense Look 0.66 Oz

Anti-wrinkle & dark circles eye contour.

Dry, Aging & Tired Looking Skin Around the Eyes.

A complete and unique eye care kit with 3 specific products for Crows’ Feet, eye bags & dark circles, fine lines around eye contour, wrinkled upper & lower eye lids, eyelid puffiness and weary tired-looking eyes:

1. A Gentle Eye Contour Gel Against Crows’ Feet, Eye Bags and Dark Circles:
  • Highly Concentrated with Soothing Agents, It has a PH Balance close to Natural Tears.
  • Produces Immediate Relaxed Sensations and Freshness.
  • Visibly Reduces Crows' Feet, Eyelid Puffiness, under the Eye Bags and Circles.
2. An Active Eye Contour Gel Against pucker, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye contour:
  • Active ingredients Calophyllum oil, Liposome and various moisturizing agents to help regulate the dehydration, soothe and tone down the dry eye contour.
  • Revitalizes and Restores, Around the Eye-Skin, the natural suppleness and softness.
3. Eye Contour Mask against eyelid puffiness and weary looking eyes:
  • Apply the mask cool and refrigerated, around the eye contour, to soothe the eyelid puffiness and fatigued looking eyes.
  • Soak in warm water to produce a beauty mask that helps with minor eye and sinus discomfort.
A complex of Calophyllum oil, Liposomes and various moisturizing agents.
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